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marco mama's
marco vs mama

marco and mama have things
to say to each other

marco to mama

do not leave me
alone for more
than 8 hours

do not wake up
too late
i have to pee

do not give me
only dog food
i like sweets

do not forget
balls each time
we go outside

do not touch me
or move me
while i sleep

do not call me
or talk to me
with high voice

do not hug me
with no reason
i get upset

do not excite
me if you do not
have goodies

do not place
me in your bag
i hate trains

do not try
teaching me so
many tricks
i do enough

i have so much
more to say


i have so much
more to give


we spend more
time together

mama to marco

do not fight
with other dogs
it costs me

do not puke
while i am gone
it smells bad

do not pick up
foods on the

do not growl at
me with teeth
it makes me sad

do not bite
my finger
watch your mouth

do not dig hard
it ripps jeans
and hurts legs

do not eat fast
there is no food
after that

do not bother me
to call attentions
so you can play

do not envy me
doing something
get your thing

do not try
making me stay
i always try as
much as i can

i have so much
more to say


i have so much
more to know


we spend more
time together